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24hrs Radiant Gold Mask a pack of 10
24hrs Radiant Gold Mask a pack of 10

24hrs Radiant Gold Mask a pack of 10


Cosmetic gold precious gold foil powder, the ultimate luxury, let skin close integration, enhance skin repair ability, enhance, tighten, dilute the fine lines, make the skin smooth and compact, moist to solve the problem of skin relaxation. Deep cleansing the skin, dilute the color of the old deposition, improve the rough yellow, the overall brightening the skin, let the skin becomes bright and clean.

How to use

Cleanse skin with warm water, open the mask pack, take out the mask and unfold. Apply the mask to the face and make the white pearlized film face outwards and the silk mask face inwards to create a snug fit. Remove the white pearlized film. Relax and leave it on for 15-20minutes to allow the nutrients to be fully absorbed into skin. Remove the silk mask and gently massage the essence into face until it is completely absorbed. Rinse with clean water.


Gold foil powder, Glycerin, allantoin, hyaluronic acid sodium, baby powder, collagen amino acids, gold, glucan, sodium lactate, betaine, butyl glycol.