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Ardell Lashes Color Impact-Plum
Ardell Lashes Color Impact-Plum

Ardell Lashes Color Impact-Plum

  • Designed to bring out and shows your hazel, green, or brown eyes
  • Look "flawless from any angle with captivating eyes
  • Features medium volume and medium length lash fibers that give your natural lashes a dose of personality and dimension.
  • Fanned Out Fantastic: Drop-dead gorgeous cat-eye vibes over here! BAmp up your stunning look with the Color Impact Demi Wispies™’ flared lash silhouette. Packed with sweet and sexy blue lash fibers that bring forward all the best out of your hazel eyes.
  • Signature Wispies™ Style: You know you want it! Get that signature Ardell flair with the Color Impact Demi Wispies™ - Blue. Outstanding texture with trademark crisscross fibers that give you incredible feathering and curl. Why settle for your old, boring falsies when you can get your best lash experience today? Make that change and get the beauty you deserve!
  • Picture-Perfect Invisiband® Fit: #SelfieReady in seconds! Be ready for surprise snapshots with Ardell’s patented Invisiband® lash band technology. Get a lash fit that's seamless and comfortable, and push your beautiful brown eyes forward without distracting lash bands getting in the way.