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CPA353 Glam & Glits  Wet Suit 1oz
CPA353 Glam & Glits  Wet Suit 1oz

CPA353 Glam & Glits Wet Suit 1oz


You never want to forget your wetsuit in the frigid waters, and this royal blue will keep you nice and warm in the coldest of temperatures.

Product Type: NEON

Did you get bitten by the travel bug? Pack your bags and immerse yourself in a road trip of color with the Color Pop Collection. Whether you want to take a 'Cruise Ship' to your own 'Private Island' and feel the 'Ocean Breeze' or ride your 'Beach Cruiser' along the 'Board Walk' you will find a shade worthy of riding along with you on your next vacation. Get lost in this collection and let vacation time begin!

Glam and Glits are the industries leading coloured Acrylic with ultra-blendable pigmentation perfect for Acrylic art and enhancements. Size: 1oz It can be used with any monomer. Made in the USA. Colours may slightly differ from online pictures to application. Ingredients: Poly (ethyl methacrylate), Poly (methyl methacrylate) , Dibenzoyl Peroxide & Pigments