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Micro Brow Pencil
Micro Brow Pencil

Micro Brow Pencil

  • Micro Brow Pencil: Black
  • Micro Brow Pencil: Blonde
  • Micro Brow Pencil: Brunette
  • Micro Brow Pencil: Taupe

Build full beautiful brows with our ultra-thin Micro Brow Pencil. This micro mechanical brow pencil is so precise, it coats even the finest hairs with color for a natural-looking finish. Create more defined brows by filling in sparse, over tweezed areas. The super-skinny tip draws ultra fine lines, allowing you to create the look of natural brow hairs! In colors from taupe to blonde, black and beyond. Your arches will never look better after you fill them in with this creamy, high-pigmented micro brow pencil!