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OPIMIS25 OPI Nail Envy Chip Skip
OPIMIS25 OPI Nail Envy Chip Skip

OPIMIS25 OPI Nail Envy Chip Skip


OPI produce high quality and highly pigmented shades they also carry a huge range of colours and are constantly adding more collections and core shades. They also create a wide range of treatments from Nail Strengtheners to Nourishing Cuticle Oils.

  • OPI Chip Skip is a nail primer.
  • It removes excess oils making your chosen lacquer bond better to the nails and last longer.
  • The brush on Chip Skip is designed to save any excess polish being wasted.
  • Apply 1 coat immediately before applying your OPI Base Coat. Then apply your chosen OPI Lacquer Shade. Once that has dried apply your OPI Top Coat.
  • You will notice a huge difference between your previous manicures without chip skip and your new manicure with chip skip.
  • Your nail polish will last so much longer without chipping.

OPI are currently one of the biggest manufacturers of nail products and are world renowned. They sell in over 103 countries and are constantly expanding. Having access to limited research facilities means they are constantly up to date with formulas making sure that each of their products offers the same high quality as the next. Also they research into trends and release collections and core shades to fit the trends. The fact that they sell over 55,000,00 bottles of lacquer and treatments each year stands to prove the success and demand of their products.