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SNS Dip & Buff Kit 3
SNS Dip & Buff Kit 3

SNS Dip & Buff Kit 3


SNS is an international brand that offers ultimate artistic freedom.

It is the firts company in the world to develop a pink and white dipping system. 

The dipping system is healthy and natural to the real nails unlike gel or acrylic.

It applies easily like a nail polish and off in minutes asn has got perfect smile line and id really fast too.

It lasts 14 days, odor free, blocks harmful uv rays, offers mirror finish, goes on with zero drying time, has vitamin e and calcium and resistant to chipping and cracking on top of it.

With simple steps like apply gel base, dip in powder and apply gel top, it simplifies the process of nail enhancements. And to paly around with it is a delight for the nail technician and the cuctomer too.

With this kit, one can do

Regular SNS set(natural)

Pink and white set

Pink and American set

SNS Gelous Color Foundation


SNS Natural White Powder 56g

SNS Natural Set Powder 56 g

SNS Natural Pink Powder 56g

SNS Gelous Base 15mls

SNS Gel Top 15mls

SNS Gel Base 15mls

SNS Brush Saver 15mls

SNS Brush on Glue 15mls

SNS Sealer Dry 15mls

SNs Vitamin Oil 15mls

SNS Frewnch Dip Moulding

Informatve CD