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SNS Gelous Base 0.5oz
SNS Gelous Base 0.5oz

SNS Gelous Base 0.5oz


When we think of dipping powders, we naturally think of the powders themselves. This the revolution within bases and sealers that enabled SNS to create products that are good for the natural nail, instead of doing harm. With SenShine, you have a complete system of top, base and sealers exclusively designed for women with highly sensitive skin and eyes.

Recommended use: Recommend to apply to the top of the nails before dipping each coat of any SNS Gelous colour. To be used with only SNS Gelous colour applications. For other SNS powders (including French or natural manicures), switch to SNS SenShine Gel Base.

•⠀Specially formulated for the SNS Dipping Powder System

•⠀No UV light required

•⠀Best suited with SNS DAZL applications
•⠀Healthier ingredients, less odour and much gentle on the skin and eyes.

•⠀Lasts for 2 weeks or more!

Caution: To avoid stains and injury, DO NOT force the bottle to open. If the bottle cap is stuck, immerse the bottle (including the cap) in hot water for 5 minutes. Remove the bottle from the water and cover with a clean towel. Gently twist the cap to open.