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SNS49 Twenty-Six Point Two 1oz
SNS49 Twenty-Six Point Two 1oz

SNS49 Twenty-Six Point Two 1oz


SNS invented dipping powders to give women beautiful AND healthy nails. Today, we lead the industry with the world’s finest dipping powder products.

The concept of dipping powders is simple. Instead of applying liquid colors to the nail, you apply an adhesive base which is dipped in fine colored powder. The nail is then sealed with a special top
coat. There are multiple advantages:

  • HEALTHY SNS bases are formulated to build the health and strength of the natural nail.
  • MORE COLORS With its dipping powders, SNS offers over 400 Gelous colors— a wider range than any other major brand. 
  • ODORLESS There's virtually no odor, and that's a huge change in the salon environment.
  • FAST Drying is instant— no UV light is required.
  • FLEXIBLE & STRONG The resulting nail is both flexible and strong, so it combines the best of acrylics and of gels,
  • LASTING The treated nails last 14 days or more in real-life everyday use.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT The nail feels light and natural, and yet it's strong enough to use for those demanding chores.
  • STAINLESS The nail doesn't stain: that's a big deal for hair colorists and others who work with dyes.
  • GREAT NAIL ART The SNS dipping powders open up a whole new world of nail artistry.