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SNS Natural Set 4oz
SNS Natural Set 4oz

SNS Natural Set 4oz


Very natural indeed… The strong, healthy nail you want when there’s no colour involved…

Recommended use: Just like an acrylic application, use with French White or any Gelous Color to create a natural look for the nail or alone as a regular SNS Set.

•⠀Specially formulated for the SNS Dipping Powder System

•⠀No UV light required

•⠀Pre-bonded formula to eliminate the use of EA Base, and saves much more time!

•⠀Unlike gels or acrylics, SNS powders are thinner, lighter and easy to apply.

•⠀All applications helps each nail grow stronger and healthier with added Vitamins and calciums.
•⠀Available in 2oz, 4oz or 16oz sizes.