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TT133 Gel type Glue Remover
TT133 Gel type Glue Remover

TT133 Gel type Glue Remover


Remover is an essential part of every lash stylist. It serves for very gentle removal of glue joints without damaging natural lashes.

  • Due to the gel consistency, it is very easy to apply and reliably remove elongated eyelashes.
  • Can also be used to remove adhesive residues from tools

Instructions for use:

  • Use gel pads to protect the lower lashes before removing the lashes.
  • Apply a small amount of remover to the application brush and gently apply to the lashes. Then allow the gel to act. After about a minute, the extended lashes begin to separate from the natural. Then brush lashes in the direction of growth.
  • If necessary, use tweezers to remove remaining eyelashes.
  • Avoid contact with the eyelid.
  • Use a cleaning foam to thoroughly remove any residue, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Certificate of training needed.